Sunday, September 15, 2013

God Doesn't Quit - Neither Should We

Greetings my supporters and fellow campus ministry believers!

This year so far has been a whilrwind of experiences and stories.  It is hard to believe I am finished with the internship and am embarking on my calling to do campus ministry.  Every week at FOCUS I am meeting a new group of students and am blown away at the kind of stuff God is doing in their lives.

Last week we had an open sharing time during worship where students walked up and shared about things in their life that they'd like to see God change this year while they're in college.  It was a moment where we saw many students make themselves vulnerable in sharing some of their struggles with sin but it was also an extremly joyful time because we serve a god that doesn't quit!

I know this personally - God has been revealing to me areas of my life where I have kept negativty and criticism stored away and have never dealt with what the implications are for the sin I chose to neglect.  God has been showing me that Jesus was a 'profound optimist' who always saw the good in people and inspired hope in whoever he met!  I want to be this to the people I meet :)

One of our first Friday Night gatherings!  Praise God - so many students eager to serve, learn, and get involved!

Once again, thank you all for the support and please keep our ministry in your prayers moving forward into the year.  None of this could be possible without your support and love!

Your campus missionary,


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