Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Week Of Evangelism & Outreach!

I can't believe it's already April!  It feels like yesterday I was plowing through summer making a million phone calls and raising a support team to provide me with the opportunity to serve on God's college campuses.  It has really been a journey and I definitely could not have done it without you all.  Even though it's April we've still got a lot of campus ministry left in the year!  We have only five Friday Night FOCUS's left and we are still getting visitors to meet, study with, and build spiritual friendships with!

Last week we had over 20 students and staff from Bellingham, Washington come down to Texas to be a part of SSI week!  Our students hosted them in their on-campus apartments and off-campus homes for a week of contact evangelism on our FOCUS campuses (Richland, Collin College, UT Dallas, and U. of North Texas).

Group of students from Washington that came down to participate in our evangelism week!  They were so grateful and  thankful to have spent last week with us!

Myself with Jake (one of the Bellingham students) on U. of North Texas' campus.  We were out for several hours doing contact evangelism on their campus talking to students about Jesus and spirituality.

Without your support, this week of campus outreach would not be possible!  You all are a part of something huge and wonderful that God is doing on his campuses - 

Prayer requests:

- I have decided to come on staff with FOCUS for one more year and I need your prayers for guidance, wisdom, and boldness as I spend another year reaching out to students.
- Please pray for UT Dallas and the impact we are having on our college campus.
- We have over 60 students attending SICM this year.  SICM is our annual campus ministry training for students held in Washington.  Please pray for their safe travel and for the Spirit to speak to them during their stay in Washington!

Love you guys so much and thank you again for being a part of what God is doing on campus here!