Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Summer, My Team :)

My friends!

We are already in July - more than halfway through 2018 :) Just in case you haven't heard, I got married in June! It was a busy month but I am glad that it is over and that life has begun to calm down a bit. Thank you so much for your support and the way that you've been there side-by-side with me all through the years. I'm honored to have you on my team. Please pray for Sloan and I as we begin to build a life together. Sloan works full-time as a Speech Language Pathologist and she is 100% amazing AND LOVES campus ministry (for those of you who do not know her)! We met during our time as students in FOCUS and we're grateful that we get to serve on God's campuses together.

We are beginning our leadership selection for this fall and I wanted to ask that you be praying for the many different students that will be stepping up to serve their campuses this year. Student leadership is something that we take very seriously. Our students that feel called to lead are definitely stepping into a role that will shape the rest of their lives! Please pray for our staff as we discern which students to ask and for the students who are going to step into this challenging role that will forever shape who they will become :)

To celebrate the year, I went out to eat with my peer team (From left to right: Manny, Drew, Josh, and Ricardo). These guys are some of our best student leaders that I got to serve with. So thankful for them!

A back shot of the students at our wedding! We're so grateful for everyone who showed up :)

A picture of me and my bride as we walked out of the church!

My Richland FOCUS students made it all the way out to Wichita Falls for my wedding! I'm so grateful for this group of students. Some of the students in this photo are going to be student-leaders this fall; please pray for them as they serve campus alongside one another :)

Grateful for this beautiful woman right here!

Before I got married, these were the guys that I lived with (From left to right: Me (Sirak), Daniel, Jonathan, Glenn, and Kurt). It was a great year getting to live with these guys and I'm going to cherish our time together. All of these guys were involved in FOCUS when they were students and it has been so encouraging to see how community has continues to grow and thrive post-college!

Thank you so much for believing in me and staying on my support team all of these years :) The fall semester isn't too far away and I would be honored if you considered partnering with me again for the 2018-19 school year. I appreciate the way that you've believed in our work as missionaries and I look forward to the future years of ministry together!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your brother & campus missionary,