Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moving Forward Into New Beginnings Our

My Friends!

At this point we are two weeks into the school year and I am so blown away at what God has been doing this early in the fall semester. Some of our student leaders have already met and befriended ten, twenty, even thirty students at UTD's welcome week events! Please pray that God would prepare the hearts of these students who have been invited to small groups and that our leaders would be well rested and organized to not let any of these students slip through the cracks. Pray that God would build lifelong friendships beginning here at UTD!

Warning (A lot of photos!): I wanted to just show you all what your support is going towards. This year is all about sharing the gospel with students and making the name of Christ known at UTD :) I wish you all were here working alongside us as we work each day on God's college campuses but through your support I view all of you as co-laborers in Christ with me!

We had our leader retreat just this last weekend (with the U. of North Texas, Texas Woman's University, Collin College, and Richland College campuses) and it was such a great time to meet with over 100 of our student leaders who are going to impact our college campuses. These student leaders are commiting 10+ hours/week of their busy college schedules to be vessels for God's word reaching students.

See encouraging pictures below of these first few weeks of school!

Our UTD FOCUS student leaders preparing for the school year. We have over 40 student leaders this year who are facilitating small groups, leadind 1 on 1 bible studies, and planning events for students on a weekly basis. 

I (sitting top middle) got to go out and eat authentic chinese food with some international and transfer students. It was delicous!
We had a combined worship night with many of the campus ministries at UTD before the school year began. It was a night of prayer, preparation, and encouragement as we go out into the year reaching this campus for Jesus!

Our first Friday Night FOCUS! We met in the Clark Center and we almost packed it out. God was so faithful with who attended, we had over 150 students sign up to be in small groups! Please pray for our students and leaders - that lifelong friendships would be made and the gospel would be spread throughout UTD :)

Another shot of our first FNF

Our student organization fair table - we've had hundreds of students sign up to be involved in small groups this year!

Meeting students in the comet cafe!

I can't begin to thank you enough for what your support has helped accomplish thus far by the grace of God :) I pray that you all would be strengthened and encouraged by these photos and updates to know that your support is going towards making Jesus' name known on God's campuses. 

Please pray that our staff would remain attentive to the needs of our community and that we'd be ready and able to respond to the spirit regarding the situations that arise in campus ministry. I love you all and wouldn't be able to do any of this without your support!

Your campus missionary,

Sirak Asfaw