Friday, August 8, 2014

A New Season Begins :)

My friends!

I hope you're all doing well & enjoying the rest of your summer :) The school year is fast approaching and towards the end of August there will be thousands of students walking onto God's college campuses for the first time & we're hoping to be the first ones they meet! I actually got to meet some today (see pictures below). The Indian Student Association was hosting rides for first-time graduate students at UTD & they needed to move their luggage back to campus - we got to meet a few of the organization's leaders and create some contacts there.

This summer flew by quick & it was so good to catch up with many of you - I'm so thankful God has put you in my life as a blessing to me & the students I meet daily at UTD.

Thank you again for believeing in the work we're doing here at UTD & his other campuses. We are praying for the hearts of all the students who are going to be met and befriended in these first few weeks during Welcome Week & the events we have planned as a ministry. Will you also pray for these students? See pictures below!

At our last Summer FOCUS meeting. So thankful to Lifepoint Church for letting us meet in their facilities :)

I got to move luggage for over 40 Indian international students stepping foot onto the USA for the first time!
I even got to teach them the UTD Woosh :)

One of the rooms on-campus we will be meeting in for our Friday Night Fellowship meetings. We're so thankful that the University lets us host our meetings here where students can hear the gospel, build friendships, and impact the University for years to come!

I wish you could all be side by side with me & the other staff as we reach God's campuses but I know that through your donations & prayer you are bigger partners than you or I both realize. God has blessed us all to be a blessing to others and I can promise you that none of what we are doing could be possible without people like you deciding to be a part of what God is doing :)

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom and discernment for all of our student leaders moving into the fall.
  • That all of our ministries would have a great relationship with the University they are a part of.
  • That students' lives would be changed for the glory of God!

Love you all so much & thank you for your continual partnership!

Your missionary,