Monday, October 2, 2017

Here Comes October!

My friends, my team!

Thank you so much for your partnership and support! :) I can't believe that we're already in October and almost at the halfway point of the semester. God has been so faithful with all of the new students that are entering our lives. I hope that the photos below are encouraging and a faithful reminder of how good our God is!

This year I am studying the bible 1 on 1 with several students. Please be praying for my relationship(s) with Josh, Kirubel, Javon, Chris, and Evan. These are all young men that I feel the Lord has called me to befriend and I am forever grateful for their heart(s) and willingness to form spiritual friendships in our community. Please pray for wisdom, insight, and for all of these students to encounter the love and personhood of Jesus Christ!

This year at Richland College, we have been doing outreach every week on Wednesdays. Every week we set up a volleyball net and bring water/Gatorade with the hopes of meeting and building new friendships with students. So far, this has been a powerful experience! I think that we, as a ministry, have been wrestling with how to balance our ministry meetings and formal outreach. These Wednesday activities have been a great addition to our gathering time(s) that help us meet students and grow in our presence on campus! We've had several campus faculty and even the president of the college walk by us and share how thankful they are to see students on campus hanging out & building campus life! Check out the photos below and be encouraged!

Our first Richland large group meeting! Sandra did a great job speaking at our meeting :) She shared how Jesus is our Vision, Passion, and King. I think that the students were very engaged and loved hearing from her :) We have such a great group of students this year at Richland 

Josh, one of our students at UTD FOCUS was sharing during our large group time how the Lord has changed his life! I loved getting to hear from him. 

Our worship team does such a great job every week at UTD FOCUS! There are many areas of our ministry that are 100% student-led. Our worship/audio-visual team(s) are driven in large part by our students. Their time serving our campus create so many opportunities for relationships to be formed!

Our Richland FOCUS ministry setting up for Wednesday outreach! I can tell that they really enjoy one another and are excelling at building a community on campus.

Michael, one of our seniors at UTD FOCUS, sharing about how his vision of campus ministry has changed from his freshman year to now. He has been such an influential leader in our community and so many of our students look up to him! I always love getting to hear him speak.

Some of our Richland students decided to play an impromptu game of touch-football. It was great to watch them spend time with each other and have fun.

A shot from the back row of our UTD FOCUS meetings!

Our Richland FOCUS ministry! I'm so thankful for each and every one of them. They all bring something unique to our ministry and are all becoming such close friends :)
Our UTD, Richland, SMU & TWU-Dallas ministries gathered for Fall-Camp 2017! This was such a great experience for our students. Many new friendships were formed and Jesus was very present during our sessions. Please be praying for all of the students who attended and are beginning their 1 on 1 bible studies!

Thank you all so much for your support and partnership! I am blown away that it has been 6 years since I walked on campus for the first time as a full-time campus missionary and many of you have been there with me since day one! You're all an inspiration to me and keep me going every day. The Lord has been faithful in crossing our paths over the years and I am looking forward to many more with you all side-by-side with me :)

Your campus missionary,