Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's Already November! (Happy Halloween!)

My friends! My team!

Good November to you all! :)

I'm so blown away at how quickly time passes by. It's already November and before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving. I have so many stories of God's faithfulness and his providence. So many students are encountering the gospel for the first time and authentic relationships are being nurtured in our communities. Thank you for your support and partnership over these years and I'm so excited for the many more to come :)

Featured in this month's student testimony is our very own Richland College's, Josh Erdmann!

Josh came to our Richland ministry last year and I had the privilege of studying the Bible with him and building a spiritual friendship together. He is funny, kind-hearted, and has a deep desire to know God and help others respond to this message of Christ!

Josh's testimony below:

I want you to know that Josh is just one of many students that are being reached across our campuses. Hearing his story, I am reminded why we do what we do. God is so faithful in bringing his word to his people - your support & partnership has opened up doors for this to happen more & more! Enjoy the photos below and please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything at all that I can be praying for you about!

Sandra, one of our UTD/Richland FOCUS staff sharing her heart @ Richland FOCUS!

Before we did outreach as a ministry, we all got together to seek the holy spirit and worship together. It was such an encouraging night!

Every Wednesday @ Richland we have set up volleyball nets, thrown around the frisbee and have become a presence on campus! We have met so many students each week setting up and doing this!

I took a selfie with my core. I love these students so much - we have gotten to build such a fun group on Wednesdays @ 1:30pm!

Our UTD Friday Night Fellowship meetings!

After our Richland large group meetings - we all usually hang out and go out to eat with each other. So thankful for these students :)

Peter, one of our UTD staff - preaching at Friday Night Fellowship. He did such a great job and has become a favorite among our students. I've known him since he was a student and he has become such a strong and influential leader in our community! 
Getting ready for ACL surgery :) 

My mom and I before surgery. Even though I'm 29 years old, I'll always be a mommas-boy. She drove me to and from the hospital and took care of me the first couple of days after the surgery. So thankful for her! Love you Mommy!

This was my view for the first few days after surgery. I am now able to move around on crutches and the pain has subsided a bit. Please be praying for a quick recovery and that I would stay consistent in physical therapy and my rehab :)

We did outreach at Richland college and asked the question: What would it say on your tombstone? I wasn't able to be there due to my injury, however, I heard that they had GREAT conversations and got to engage our campus deeply!

Another picture of our outreach event @ Richland! Eddie did such a great job planning and initiating this event!

Thank you all so much for your support and partnership! I am blown away and honored to call you all my team :) You've all been there with me since the beginning and I can't ask for a better group of partners. Please keep me in your prayers that I would heal & recover with no delays. 

Until next time, thank you and love you!

Your brother & campus missionary,

Sirak Asfaw