Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Is Off To A Great Start!

My friends! I hope this update finds you all well-rested and encouraged. I can't believe we're here in 2017 with each other! Around 5 years ago we embarked on this campus-missions journey together and I am grateful that you are still by my side with your support and encouragement. I hope that these photos below are a testament to God's faithfulness and your consistency!

We had our FOCUS Winter Camp in early-January and it was a blast! Students from all 9 of our FOCUS Campuses gathered together at sky-ranch camp for a weekend of worship, fellowship, and encouragement as we planned and prepared for the upcoming spring semester. Our theme during the weekend was, "Church Family", and it was one of my favorite winter camps I've ever been to. 

One of the most moving sermons during the weekend came Saturday night when Ronnie Worsham was discussing how we are the body of Christ and we need to stay connected to the head (which is, Christ). He provided the analogy of how our bodies are meant to respond and obey commands our brains give to them and our bodies do not serve their purpose if they are ignoring or disobeying what our brains command them to do. This was all shared to point out how often Christ (the head) gives us (the body) instructions & commands on how to live and we lose our purpose if we are disobeying or ignoring those commands. It was very insightful and our students were challenged by such a good picture of Christ and his body.

Our Richland FOCUS Students at Winter Camp 2017!

This is a picture from the back of one the sessions at winter camp. We brought over 600 students to our camp and it was so moving and encouraging to have all of our students there together.

We had a worship-team workshop to talk to our many student leaders on what our ministry values are as a worship-team, how to practice your instrument, and how to grow in confident expression towards God in front of your fellow students.

During the Richland College student organization fair, we met many students with our table set-up! 

Throughout the day we had many students walk up and ask questions about & show interest in our ministry. Every semester we pray that God would bring students that are eager and ready to hear the gospel and build lifelong friendships!

A selfie of our group from Richland FOCUS @ Winter Camp!

Our Men's bible study - every week we meet on Wednesdays at 1:30pm to study the bible, share in one another's life, and build community at Richland College!
Our UTD FOCUS ministry is growing and shaping  

I'm really thankful for these students. I am seeing more and more how they are submitting to the holy spirit and growing in wisdom. These students are the future!

Thank you so much for your support and partnership over the years. I'm blown away that I get to share the gospel with college students on God's college campuses with you all alongside me. Please be praying for us, that we finish the year well & strong. We are in the process of selecting student leaders for the 2017-18 school year so please pray for wisdom and insight as we move students onto God's agenda!

Please let me know if there is anything that I can be praying for you about!

Your brother & campus missionary,