Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Ending Of A Great Year!

We all know that the year ends officially on December, 31st 11:59:59 PM annually but in the life of a campus pastor the end the year happens sometime in late April early May.  A year full of 1 on 1 bible studies, outreach events, worship services, service projects, camps, leader meetings, staff meetings, large group meetings and much more come to a close as we enter the summer encouraged and motivated when we look back on what God has done.

This time one year ago I was reflecting and ruminating on what God would teach me through this campus missionary internship.  Would I be challenged? Would I be successful? Would my eyes be open  to what God is doing on his campuses? Would I feel overwhelmed or get burned out?  I look back on these last 9 months and am so grateful to God for what he has done in my life!

This is one of our four leader teams that met up on Monday nights.  These guys did an awesome job leading small groups throughout our UTDallas FOCUS community!

End of the year worship team jam session!  I was so blessed to serve on our praise and worship team - God is so good!

I am unsure if you know this but I have decided to continue my journey on campus as a college minister through coming on staff with FOCUS this fall!  In these last few months of the internship I knew that God was not done with me and his college campuses.  Please pray that as I fundraise and assume new roles within our ministry that I would be given wisdom, strength, and peace through his spirit.

Summer is largely going to be a time of preparation for the upcoming school year.  Orientations, leader selection, event planning, and fundraising are all part of a crazy summer so I definitely will not be taking too much time off.  

Please be praying for our current students who will be stepping up into leadership this fall and for all of the students entering their freshman year this fall that God is currently preparing to be a part of his mission on campus.

Love you all!

- Sirak