Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sirak's Update! (Approaching the end to a very unique school year...)

I hope you're all doing well :)

I typically do my monthly update the first week of the month so I do apologize for the delay. 

We have about one month left in the school year before summer vacation begins and we are not slowing down :) 

I have a joke with a few of my students that this entire past year has felt like a summer vacation for some of them. Classes are 100% online, campus is closed...summer vacation, anyone? 

God has brought together such a sweet group of students who love and cherish one another - I am grateful for each of them. I'm grateful for each of you for your support and friendship throughout this time. Thank you. 

This past weekend, we had our spring park day and the students had a blast (see pictures below). Our FOCUS apprentices, Bridgett and Ashley did an amazing job planning it and the students really appreciated their time with one another. 

Our weekly Wednesday 2pm core :) Grateful for these guys for showing up each week!

Tom Miller, a good friend of mine and volunteer staff w/ Richland FOCUS has been spending some time preaching & teaching w/ our students. I can tell that the students really connect with him and adore him. 

During our Thursday nights together we will often break up into small groups to discuss the content of the evening and share what is going on in one another's lives. 

Our fall park day was a blast! I enjoyed getting time with all of the students. It was a mixture of fun games and personal reflection on the year. Bridgett and Ashley did an awesome job planning it!

God has provided so much this year and I'm thankful for each and every one of these students. Their hearts have encouraged one another during a time of discouragement for so many. 

In these last few weeks I ask you to join me in praying for this fall semester. In many ways it will be a "re-start" for our Richland FOCUS ministry. Last year we had a momentum that was cut short due to COVID and I'm proud to say that we made the best with what we had. 

This fall we are bringing in 3 new apprentices to Richland FOCUS in addition to sending around 4-5 student leaders to our SICM this year.

They still have not made an official announcement as to whether or not campus will re-open this fall but faculty & staff did begin reporting to campus in early-April (GREAT NEWS!). 

Thank you all so much for your support and for believing in our mission to make and mature disciples for the glory of God. 

Your brother & campus missionary,