Friday, September 4, 2015

The First Month Done & God is Just Getting Started!

My friends! My team! 

I hope that August has been a fruitful and productive month for all for you! Right now I'm sitting here on campus at UTD with my one of my old college roommates, Michael Howell, and we've been reminiscing on our time together as students doing ministry those many (three) years ago. It's amazing how time moves along with God's good plan. We are so grateful to the many men & women who came before us here and had a vision for making a presence for Jesus on campus. 

In meeting the many students so far this year it's so encouraging to know that through campus ministry we can build something great for God and for the students who are going to be walking on campus this year and for all the years to come! Praise God :)

I know it's only August but God has been up to so much already! Our leaders have been busy meeting hundreds of students and inviting them to our core small groups. UTD has been very busy - they've had over 25 welcome week events for these first two weeks alone and our students have attended mostly all of them. 

Please be praying for all of our students at Richland College. I am leading the FOCUS ministry on Richland's campus with Nicki Escutia. This is her first year on staff as an intern and she has been such a great partner to work with and share ministry with. We are working with a new group of students and there is still so much yet to be seen! I hope that our faithfulness to the gospel will prepare the way for what God has planned for years to come.

Enjoy the photos below of God's faithfulness and our mission together!

First day of campus! I spent time with our FOCUS leaders walking around meeting students inviting them to our welcome week events.

Rhett Hayes, one of our student leaders volunteered to be in a video we'd be playing at our first Friday Night Fellowship meeting!
Before the school year, ICF (International Christian Fellowship) put on an "International Student Party". This was a great time to meet the hundreds of international students who walked into America for the first time. So many friendships were started at this event!

We had an All-Campus Worship Night before the year began with several other of the campus ministries and it had such a great turnout! 

Our FOCUS Ministries are now at eight different campuses and we got all of our leaders together last Saturday for our leader day training! We are so thankful for their service and commitment to God's work on his college campuses. 

We had an outreach event at Richland during lunch where we played board games and invited students in to join! It was a great success. Please be praying that God would open up the doors for friendships to be made and for his Kingdom to come in the lives of the students there!

Please be praying that our Richland ministry would be an outlet for the many students on campus there who are looking for authentic friendships and God's presence.

I hope that these photos encouraged you and gave you a visual representation of what your support is going towards on campus. The lives of these students will never be the same thanks to your support and partnership. You all are such a light in my life and are always on my mind as I do the work of a campus missionary. Go in peace and may the Lord continue to enrich your lives!

Your campus missionary,