Thursday, September 8, 2016

We're Just Getting Started!

My Friends! My Team!

It's about this time each year that I'm reminded how important it is to work hard all through these first few weeks of school. Your partnership and support have paved the way for so many new friendships to be built on God's campuses. God has been showing me a very specific message this year: consistency. I sometimes put so much worry and stress about all of the things that I need to plan, accomplish, or handle when often God just needs his faithful to show up and he'll do the rest. Even in the times when I feel most confident in my own abilities and accomplishments, God reminds me that it's only by his mercy and grace that I'm here getting to serve him on his campuses.

Yesterday we had our first Richland FOCUS org fair table set up (see pictures below) and it was a huge success! We did 'bad tattoos' for students walking by and they loved it! We got to meet some of the other Christian ministries on campus and network with them. Please be praying for all of the students that we met yesterday on campus. Each year it feels like I learn something new about myself and how to reach the students - I hope that the lessons learned last year will pave the way for new disciples to be made by the power of the Spirit!

I hope you enjoy the photos below of these first few weeks of school. I am blown away at how faithful God is when we are consistent. Simply show up and be prepared for what he has planned. Thank you for your support and partnership over the years! Let's have a great year :)

Our first Friday Night Fellowship @ UT Dallas!

Our first Richland College organization fair yesterday! We met so many students here. Please pray that spiritual friendships would be built!

We did "bad tattoos" as an outreach event and it worked so well! I was amazed at how many students wanted us to draw pictures on their hands, necks and arms. It was a blast!

Another picture from the organization fair at Richland!

Picture from last week at our Friday Night UTD gathering!

We're making a video for our 20-year celebration coming up in October and our tagline is "What are you celebrating" stay tuned for upcoming videos posted on our social media accounts!
(from left to right), Me (Sirak), John Cheng, Charlie Holman, and Byron Barlowe all got to be a part of our annual campus minister lunch. Each year before the school year begins, all of the campus ministers at UT Dallas go and grab lunch with one another to pray and discuss what we've got planned for the year!

Our 2016-17 UTD/Richland staff!

Our September student testimony:

Thank you all so much for your partnership and friendship. I'm blown away I get to serve God's campuses knowing that you're right beside me believing in and encouraging me to be consistent and show up. Love you and please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I can be praying for you about!

Your brother & campus missionary,