Monday, May 2, 2016

Sirak's April Update!

My Friends!

I hope that April was a month that was well-rested and was a time of personal growth and sanctification. If you wouldn't be able to describe April in such a way then I pray that May would be a month that we all set goals and make the necessary decisions to follow Christ better. I thank you all for your consistent prayers and partnership in the gospel. There are many tough days in campus ministry but God is constantly reminding me to be faithful as I am encouraged by your faithfulness.

Last night we had our end-of-the-year party for UTD FOCUS. It was a celebration of what God has done this year and we honored the many students who were a part of it. I am consistently blown away at the level of commitment and consistency that our student leaders possess. These are men and women who are in class full-time, many of them work part-time and have other obligations but still decide to lead a small group and make disciples on campus. I never want to take for granted how God has blessed our campus ministry through these students and last night was a celebration of their commitment and the work they can look back on and say, "God did that."

I've got a lot of pictures to update you with what's gone on in April and I hope that if you have any questions, prayer requests, comments, or concerns that you wouldn't hesitate to contact me! (See pictures below)

Our UTD 2015-16 UTD/Richland FOCUS Staff! It's been such a pleasure to lead our campus with such bright ministers. From left to right: Nicki, Dani, Brandon, Carmen, Mandy, Victoria, Laurence, Peter, and me (Sirak)
Daniel (left) and I got to meet weekly to lead a group of our small group leaders as they led our community small groups. Daniel is a Ph.D student studying Neuroscience. He's been one of my favorite people to be around this year, love that guy!

I didn't get to be in this photo because I was serving punch in the cake line, however, this is the men's core that I got to lead this year with Karlo (middle of photo, purple button-down shirt).

During the evening, we sang worship songs and celebrated what God has done this year through his people and campus!

Our Richland FOCUS group!

We took a selfie right after the above photo. Why not right? I love these students!

Kale (right), one of our small group leaders and I. Kale and I met weekly to minister to one another and pray for our campus. The students in his core group were impacted greatly through his leadership!

Our Richland FOCUS' men's bible study! We have met every Wednesday this year and these guys have become some of my closest friends. 

It wouldn't be a men's bible study without a selfie, would it? I'm so thankful for these dudes. 
John, one of our male small-group leaders shared on why it's important to give & invest in the vision.

Our group that has been showing up to our Richland FOCUS combined group.

Our Friday Night Fellowship gatherings at UTD have grown so much this year. These students really love getting together to worship and they've welcomed our Richland FOCUS students with open arms!

Sagar (middle), one of our FOCUS Alumni was on campus last week and we all got to catch up with one another. Rhett (left) was in Sagar's bible study his freshman year and Sagar (middle) was in my bible study his freshman year. The circle of life is complete. Rhett has done such a great job meeting and discipling students this year!

At our end-of-the-year party, the Richland FOCUS group took a selfie together! I love these students so much. I am beyond thankful to call myself their campus pastor! We have one more meeting this Wednesday and then the year is a wrap :) 

Please be praying for our students as they enter summer. We have our summer FOCUS that is going to be meeting on Thursday nights this summer, however, we have a few weeks in-between before we begin. Pray that our students would spend their time wisely and that those going back home to their families would be a light to them.

Thank you all for your support and friendship over the years. I'm blown away that I get to spread the name of Jesus on his college campuses and call you all my partners. I love you all and will be in touch soon!

Your campus missionary,